iCats - Cat Photo/Video Gallery

iCats is a powerful photo/video browser for cat-lovers. iCats let you access tons of cat photos and videos uploaded to the web all the time. 

Features include:
- Cat Photo Galleries with high-resolution coverflow view 
- Cat Video Galleries with YouTube video player 
- Cat Encyclopedia 
- Cat Tweet Search 

Photo/Video gallery has more than 70 cat breed categories, and you also can browse "New Arrival" or "Most Popular" photos/videos. 

If you are interested in origin, breed description, care, physical characteristics or any other details about specific cat breed, "Cat Encyclopedia" would be useful for you. It has detail information about each cat breed with some pictures. 

Price: $1.99  Now on Sale

iCats rquires internet connection

We will add multi-language support at the next version up.

Screen shots:
icat1.png icat2.pngicat3.pngicat4.pngicat5.png

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